bikram yoga longwood
bikram yoga longwood bikram yoga Animation
bikram yoga longwood bikram yoga longwood bikram yoga longwood bikram yoga longwood bikram yoga longwood bikram yoga longwood

When you decide to commit to Bikram yoga, consistent practice will insure maximum benefit and a complete physical and mental transformation. Through repetition, your nervous system will develop new neural pathways between the brain and body. Your endurance, muscle tone, and all functions of digestion, elimination, etc., will improve dramatically. You will look and feel positively radiant! If your schedule does not accommodate a two month daily commitment at this time, you still need to practice your yoga. The time will come at some point in the future to go for it.

Pay $240 for your 60 Day Challenge. If you don't complete the challenge your payment automatically converts to two months unlimited yoga.
You must practice 6 days out of every 7 for the entire 60 days (if you miss more than one day in a row, you can take two classes in one day to make it up, but this can only be done twice). You should not plan on taking a day off, it's there if you need it, but the success rate is higher for those that assume in their mind that they will be at class every day for two months straight.
Once you complete your 60 days you will receive one month unlimited yoga free! (must be used within 10 days of completing the challenge).


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